5 Things the Groom Needs to Do Before His Wedding

June 20, 2017

5 Things the Groom Needs to Do Before His Wedding

So the moment has finally come. Do you feel a bit uneasy as you are preparing to set sail on the sea of monogamy for the rest of your life, or are you steadfast, more secure in your undying love than ever before? If you’re the latter, good for you, if you’re the former, man the hell up!

This is the most important day of your life, one you will cherish forever (until your first kid is born, then that will be the best day of your life), and no matter if you have butterflies dancing harmoniously in your belly or pterodactyls wreaking havoc on body and soul, you want to have these 5 essential elements in check before she says “Yes”.

You’re the groom, dress like one

You know the saying that the maid of honor cannot look better than the bride herself? The same goes for the groom and the best man. This is the one day you want to go down in history where you were the most handsome male specimen in the room, and although not easily achieved, it is doable if you sport a fine set of accessories that go perfectly with your custom tailored suit.

Accessories are worn with modesty and taste, and no suit ensemble is complete without a fine set of cufflinks. Moreover, you want to keep a set of elegant, yet unique ties that will complement the look and allow you to make any last minute changes to your appearance. Lastly, pocket squares are a must, especially if your suit is plain and elegant with a classy, solid tie, in order to bring out your unique flair and allow you to rise above the crowd.

Style thy mane

Things Groom Needs to Do Before Wedding - BOXknocks

If your wife-to-be says she loves the scruffy look of a manly beardsman, you can rest assured that she wants your face to be visible in the wedding photos at least, so you need to trim and shape your facial hair to reach the desired level of elegance.

Don’t leave anything to chance and be sure to bring all of your grooming essentials with you in order to be able to make any last minute changes and style your manly persona to perfection. Don’t skip this one if you want to avoid her nagging how you couldn’t shave even a little bit for your wedding, for the rest of your life.

You know you’re supposed to exchange gifts, right?

As if you didn’t spend almost your entire life’s savings preparing the wedding of your girlfriend’s dreams, you're supposed to get her a gift too? Alas, dear sir, such is your faith, bound to give out gifts forever in an endless loop of nonexistent creativity and insincere excitement. But this time you really don’t want to screw it up, so make sure you get her a perfect, sentimental and intimate bride gift that she will cherish forever.

Secure transportation

Things Groom Needs to Do Before Wedding - BOXknocks Blog

Transportation can be easily overlooked when planning your wedding, and choosing the perfect limo rental service will be crucial for ensuring a smooth drive to and from the venue, along with the transportation of all of your necessities.

Make sure you schedule your transportation well in advance to communicate all the fine details with the drivers, their dress code, as well as any special requests you may have.

Go out with a bang

Lastly, you want your best man to organize the most insane stag night on this side of the equator, lasting from early in the morning all the way into the night. Be sure to partake in the creation of this modern-day party masterpiece, and tell the best man what kinds of off-the-hook features you want your party to host.

You can spend the day bonding with your mates over some extreme sporting activities, and dive into the night with a classic poker game after which you can proceed to the main event, with music, alcohol, light shows and sexy waitresses seeing you off into the welcoming bosom of married life.


It’s not easy crossing the doorstep into the calm waters of monogamy, but it can be a little bit easier with these essential pre-wedding tips that will instill confidence in your every step, and put your mind at ease in the realization that the best part of your life is about to begin.


Written by: Peter Minkoff

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