5 Tips for Busting a Bad Mood

July 09, 2018

5 Tips for Busting a Bad Mood

We often catch ourselves not feeling ready to get out of bed. Can you even count all those mornings when “not again” crossed your mind immediately upon opening your eyes? Not really, right?

As far as we know, men are the vulnerable group when it comes to dealing with off days. Since women open up about their feelings and anxieties to their friends much easier than men do, they are more likely to handle bad days gracefully.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your negative thoughts and feelings with others, here’s how you can still bust a bad mood.

Shopping is for guys too

Frankly, men should sue “Sex and the City” producers for making shopping look like something that’s only for girls.

While some do it secretly, men also enjoy wandering around shopping areas. Buying a pair of cool socks (hello Mr. Trudeau) won’t only make you stand out in the pub the next weekend, but it will also boost your mood for the remainder of the day. Similarly, purchasing a new pocket square for your favorite suit can do wonders for your self-confidence and make you feel more manly, which is, let’s be honest, our No.1 feeling.

Caffeinate yourself

Regardless of whether your favorite team lost a game or your girlfriend dumped you, the solution lies in a cup of coffee.

Long gone are the days when Brazil had the monopoly over strong coffee beans. Thanks to coffee addicts, quality coffee is now available all over the globe (cheers to that!) And, while you can now drink the strongest coffee in Australia too, online purchases have made packs of killer coffee available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

If you want to intensify your relationship with caffeine, you can integrate the benefits of coffee and meditation and start practicing coffee meditation. What’s better than that to bust a bad mood?

Go outside

The last thing you need after a disappointing day is to end up summarizing it alone in bed.

No matter how late it might be, it’s always better to put your clothes on and go outside. Take your dog for a walk – when was the last time you’ve let your furry little friend have a midnight stroll?

Have a good laugh with your neighbor. Drive your car in the pouring rain.

Run up and down stairs

The truth is that any kind of workout will make you feel better, but why not change things up a bit?

Running up and down stairs doesn’t only help you lose weight and get fit, but it also triggers a cheerful mood. You already know everything about how endorphin release makes you happier, so why not use something that’s close to your flat to activate positive feelings?

Running up and down 30 minutes a day will benefit both your physical and mental health. But if this sounds too silly to you, then jump rope with your dog or simply shake your hips like nobody’s watching… Wait, is this even sillier?

Okay, okay, let’s put it this way – just jump to activate those happy-making endorphins.

Hit the sack

Lastly, if nothing else works for you, catching some z’s is fine too.

Quality sleep is essential for both your mood and productiveness. Unless you want to feel tired all the time, you’ll have to learn how to put the night owl in you to bed a bit earlier than you usually do.

For those who live their lives following Scarlett O’Hara’s philosophy, this is a great way to deal with bad mood. After all… Tomorrow is another day.

Anger, sadness, monotony and frustration are all normal parts of our lives – you’d be surprised to know how many people regularly end up having much worse days than you can ever imagine. However, in life, it is much wiser to learn how to survive those days than it is to pretend that a bad day can’t happen to you because you are “always fine”. Don’t fool yourself – bad days happen to everyone.



Written by: Peter Minkoff

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