How to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills in 5 Easy Steps

January 11, 2018

How to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills in 5 Easy Steps

Becoming your own boss seems to be the new coveted career choice of the 21st century. It’s a way out of the vicious loop of being constantly underpaid and overworked. This is no walk in the park, though, as you must overcome a steep learning curve and develop unbeatable tenacity and perseverance.

In other words, you have to invest in yourself and find the time for personal growth amidst the overwhelming hustle and bustle. So, it’s time to step up the game: get to know yourself, your drawbacks and strengths. Hone entrepreneurial skills and propel yourself towards your goals.

No way to go but ahead

Some things never change, regardless of whether you are running an eCommerce store or a brick-and-mortar one. Namely, playing it safe can only take you so far. On the other hand, a step out of your comfort zone is always a step towards true personal growth and progress.

So, intentionally try something new and develop skills outside what you consider to be your strong suit. Talk with people who have a completely different take on what makes or breaks success. Read an unconventional book that goes against popular opinions. Open your mind to new ideas and concepts. Never stop challenging yourself.

Scoring goals


Setting clear and tangible goals goes a long way towards laying the groundwork for a long-term, sustainable business success. In a nutshell, they must be realistic, time-framed and possible to track and measure. These principles don’t need to apply solely to your business.

Why not create a goal in 2018 and commit to acquiring new technical or soft skills? Envision the kind of entrepreneur you want to be in the future and use short-term and mid-term goals as stepping stones to fulfilling that vision.

Seek a mentor

Strive to learn from the best of the best, business champions and pioneers that have changed the rules of the game. You can also rely on a trusted, seasoned businessman, who has been where you are now and probably already made mistakes you could repeat soon.

I'm talking about a mentor, someone who will be there to sound out your ideas and help you out when things get rough. Some mentors even offer business consulting services, which you can take advantage of in order to achieve your goals more easily.

Tap into learning resources


In this day and age, you don’t have to go to great lengths or spend a fortune to jumpstart your learning endeavor. There are many resources that lie at your disposal: a digital ocean of knowledge and information is right at your fingertips.

Most notably, you can polish your skills using free or paid courses on hubs like Udemy, Udacity, and Incubator. Pick your niche, a field where you lack command, be it a formulation of strategic documents, business communication, building an online business, personal branding or something else.

Just do it

Learning by doing is learning at its best. In other words, it’s time to launch that business idea that has been brewing for some time and get the operations off the ground. There is a fine line between sound and thorough planning and procrastination and indecisiveness.

In any event, nothing compares to the trial-and-error experience you can gain in the market wilderness out there. Thus, put your skills to the test and see where you stand exactly. Capitalize on your strengths and address all the weaknesses in your entrepreneurial skill set.

More power to you


Take a brief look back at your accomplishments and set your eyes on what lies ahead. Take baby steps before attempting any leaps and bounds.

Bear in mind that learning is a lifelong, ongoing process. Build clear targets and milestones into your plan for the year and the years to follow. Advance towards them by getting out there and learning the ropes. Push into a new playing field and leave your fears aside.

Set out not only to stay afloat in the market, but to make ripples and dominate your industry sector.



Written by: Peter Minkoff

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