5 Essential Traits of a Real Man

February 23, 2017

5 Essential Traits of a Real Man


Interestingly, every era seems to create a different set of values for a man. While a true mark of a man two hundred years ago might have been horseback riding and waltzing, in our age, a real man is faced with following a completely different set of standards that will earn him the respect and status he desires.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential traits that make a man in the modern world.


Forever a Gentleman

First and foremost, a man learns how to behave like a gentleman, and he never forgets it. But, what exactly are the qualities of a real gentleman?

Let’s start with body language. A gentleman stands erect with both feet firmly on the ground, shoulders rolled back and head held high. He avoids putting his hands in his pockets and, while we are on the topic, he controls his hands and only gestures to make a point, avoiding excessive gesticulation which may seem nervous and insecure.

A gentleman says “please” and “thank you”, he opens doors for people, and treats every person with respect and a charming smile.

Lastly, a gentleman speaks with clarity and enunciation while always devoting more time to listening rather than talking.


Wearing the Personality

It was the great Mark Twain who said: “Clothes make the man, as naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Such a powerful statement stands the test of time, and if a man wants to be seen as a true man rather than a mere boy, he will be wise to pay special attention to what he wears.

This means that a true man is dressing for success, knows how to tie a Windsor and Half-Windsor and coordinates colors and patterns accordingly.



Hygiene Speaks Manliness

Grooming and cleanliness go a very long way in how we’re perceived by our peers as well as the fairer sex.

Two-day stubble can either be seen as untidy or manly and sexy – the way a man takes care of his hygiene will decide on that.

It goes without saying that a real man always smells his best, at a morning meeting and a party in the evening, unleashing his natural scent only in the gym and in the bedroom.

Having a well-stocked collection of barber supplies is important imperative in keeping a clean and attractive appearance that will take anyone’s breath away.


The Beard is a Mark of a Man

And we mean it.

The beard has become a modern constituent of manliness and a real man can rock a gentleman’s look with rugged facial hair that will project confidence – the most powerful weapon at a man’s disposal.

Having a confident personality will depend on adhering to all of the above, but a perfectly-trimmed beard will be the one thing that will always evoke respect and trust from others. But there’s no good beard without a set of grooming essentials. Real man always rely on them.


Putting the “Fit” in Fitted

Lastly, a true man takes care of his body. Hitting the gym or simply having a good and healthy diet that keeps a man’s body fit, toned and ready for action.

In addition to numerous health benefits, having a well-shaped and strong physique makes the tailor’s life easier. Each and every piece of clothing will fit better and will accentuate the curves of a confident, alpha male.


Undoubtedly, the values towards which a man must strive will change in the future, but until such a time comes, following these essential guidelines will mean all the difference between staying a boy and becoming a real man.


Written by: Peter Minkoff

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