Best Health Hacks to Try in 2017



Trying to uphold a new year’s resolution? Or you simply want to make healthier choices in your life and possibly even inspire people around you?

Whether you are one of many who made a new year’s resolution, yet again, or you’re just on the hunt for a healthier lifestyle, there are some key tips and tricks you should be following with a single premise guiding you: make it specific and keep it simple.

Let’s dig right into the life hacks you should definitely be implementing this year.


If it Fits Your Macros

Ever heard of flexible dieting or IIFYM? If not, put down your single piece of lettuce and step away from the plate of carrots because restrictive diets are a thing of the past, they are impractical, difficult and they simply don’t work in the long run.

Flexible dieting allows you to eat anything (it should be healthy foods) so as long as it fits into your daily macro nutritional requirements. You can take an online calorie and macro calculator in order to determine the amount of calories you should be eating in a day, subtract 200 calories and there’s your diet! By cutting 200 calories of the total daily amount you are promoting steady fat loss and long-term results. Plus, you get to eat anything you want!


Ditch the Soda

If you can ditch an unhealthy relationship, why should sugary drinks be any different? In fact, they are far more disastrous to your health than a crazy girlfriend, so if you haven’t already, make sure to give them the old boot.

Sugary drinks promote obesity with their high-calorie count and are linked to type II diabetes, and unless you want to keep running the risk of health problems, just switch to regular, healthy water or sparkling water. Your body will thank you almost instantly.


Skip the Elevator

And use stairs whenever possible. With all of the sedentary activities numbing us down day after day, it’s a nice change of pace to get up and moving. Your body will love it, you will feel healthier and energized, and taking the stairs is an amazing steady cardio substitute as it burns more calories and brings the heart rate up.

Speaking of Being Active

Start working out, of course. If you’re not a part of a gym of any fitness class already, try breaking the habit start exercising! The health benefits are amazing, your body will transform from fatty to toned, and you will lead a healthy lifestyle.

In case you’re not an indoor person, get outside and start jogging, doing tai chi, yoga or any other type of exercise, plus you’ll get the added benefits of sunshine. Just make sure to have your grooming essentials prepared and applied before you go outside, as air and dust particles can mess with your facial hair and skin in general. Stay safe and groomed.


Let the Sunshine In

Did you know that Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for your health, treating everything from depression to inflammation and blood pressure, and much more? Well, it does. And the only natural way to get it into your system is to bask in the sunlight for as little as 15 minutes a day to get enough Vitamin D into your body. So make sure to get out under the sun and enjoy all the health benefits it brings.


Keep your Teeth White

It’s not the 19th century anymore, people brush their teeth these days and they are mindful of their dental hygiene and how it can impact their overall health. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day using tried and proved methods of effective teeth cleaning, to keep them healthy and clean. Don't brush too aggressively, as it can lead to gum retraction and enamel damage, and you don't want those problems on your hands.

Also, using dental floss will get out all of those pesky pieces of food trying to squeeze their way into your gums. While healthy teeth and gum are essential for your health, no matter how much you brush, you won’t be able to get them to Hollywood-white level. In an attempt to boost their self-confidence and attain that movie star smile, more and more Australians are opting for teeth whitening in Sydney that will bring them the desired effects of both aesthetic appeal and all of the health benefits that white, healthy teeth promote.


Try Not Giving a Damn

Are you aware of what you’re doing to your health and body while stressing out? There is absolutely nothing in the world that is worth your health and there is no room for stress in your life. If you can’t find the strength to chill out and calmly observe and conquer the challenges that life is putting you through, then join a meditation class, get relaxing spa treatments, practice yoga or go hit a heavy bag at the gym.

Do whatever it takes to relieve your mind and soul of stress, and you will lead a happy life.


And there you go, hopefully, these health hacks have inspired you to make some powerful and healthy decisions, and as you’re reading this, you are beginning the journey to a happier you!


Written by: Peter Minkoff

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