How to Dress for the Gym According to Your Girlfriend

May 31, 2017

How to Dress for the Gym According to Your Girlfriend


So, your girlfriend loves you for who you are and she doesn’t care if you’re buff or not, or what you wear to the gym. Yeah, right. The truth is, she loves your muscular physique, and when it comes to your attire, she would love nothing more than to dress you up like a Ken doll and display you to the rest of the world to admire her creativity.

Luckily, there is only one thing men love more than the pump, and that’s scoring with women. So, here is what you need to wear next time you go to the gym if you want to dazzle the ladies or make your girlfriend proud!

Women hate douchebags

Being a douchebag entails a great deal of personality traits, as well as attire choices, among which is wearing a stringer. Don’t wear a stringer. Undoubtedly, your ego loves gazing into that beautifully pumped bicep in the mirror as you curl a 7,5kg dumbbell into infinity, but that only gives out a douche-guy vibe to the opposite sex in the immediate vicinity.

In addition, only douchebags wear snapbacks, so ditch the headgear, yes, even on a bad hair day, and for god’s sake, switch out the goofy headphones for some earbuds. While it is okay to wear a tank top, try to stay away from too much cleavage and never allow the nipple to show – it’s not sexy, it’s gross. Why don’t you just be a nice guy, a serious lifter who is respectful of others and wear a simple, fitted T-shirt?

Women like when you accessorize

Not having any gym accessories will make you look like a newbie, but wearing everything at once will make you seem like an insecure show-off. So, you need to wear accessories just to appeal to the opposite sex, but also use them for their functionality.

Start simple and think about the things that will make you look like a rugged man in the eyes of an interested female. As you can easily deduce, you don’t need workout gloves, your palms need to have manly calluses, but on the other hand, wearing a lifting belt or wrist wraps will make you look moderately accessorized and more importantly, dedicated and focused – a real beast.

Women love a sensitive beast

If there is one thing that makes every woman drool, it’s seeing a man who’s in touch with his inner god or goddess, whatever, and the best way to induce this desire in the eyes of your unsuspecting prey is to dress like one. And besides, any woman would rather you went to a yoga class than to the gym, but if you can’t muster up enough testosterone to do so, then dressing like a yogi will suffice.

Whether you love doing yoga already, or you’re thinking about starting a journey of enlightenment in the near future, Sivana Spirit has everything you need to dress like a true yoga lover and impress your girlfriend-to-be with your unique style. Moreover, yoga attire can be worn anywhere, it’s comfy and flexible, and extremely sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex. So, grab your fresh yoga threads and rise above the crowd at your gym.

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The laws of the iron jungle are simple – leave your ego at the front door, and respect the people around you. In the end, no amount of sexy clothes will be able to replace a ravishing smile, and gentlemanly conduct.

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Written by: Peter Minkoff

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