How to Surprise Your Girlfriend for Her Birthday?

August 22, 2017

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend for Her Birthday?


Your girlfriend’s birthday is a special occasion, so much so that you can forget about your own birthday, New Year’s or any other holiday, because this is the one you don’t want to screw up. Now, planning a birthday experience to rekindle the loving flame in her heart and make her keep you for a little while longer is no easy feat for a man.

You have to know what she loves, what she wants, what her favourite colour is, her favourite flower, her wishes and her dreams. Essentially, women want you to read their minds. Well, you can’t learn how to do that, but you can organise a spectacular whole day birthday event she will cherish forever. Here is a foolproof guide on how to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday.

Breakfast and flowers in the morning

A woman loves a man who can cook, but beyond that, she loves a man who knows how to pamper her and make her feel special. There is no denying that she wants you to treat her this way every single day, and while cooking is one of the greatest life skills, you’re just a mortal man, so this is the best she can hope for.

Preparing breakfast for your significant other is an amazing way to showcase your love and devotion, and whether you surprise her with breakfast in bed, or you cook it in front of her in the kitchen while entertaining her with your culinary prowess in the nude, she is bound to love the entire spectacle. And flowers – don’t forget her favourite flowers or you will be sorry.

A thrilling experience before lunch

A birthday is not just about the material gifts you receive, it’s about the memories you make as well. So don’t stay at home, rather take her out on a picnic, or head out to the great outdoors where you can go swimming in a lake, walk through the woods, or, if she’s a wild cat, take her out on an extreme date.

A real man has a natural thirst for adventure. Zip lining, paragliding, canyoning, white water rafting, the possibilities are endless and you want her to feel pretty excited and beat up before the pampering and relaxing part of the day can begin in the afternoon.

A symbolic gift over dinner

After a few hours in the spa, it’s time to give her your carefully crafted gift over a home-cooked meal. That’s right, no fancy restaurants, no noise, no people, just the two of you. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a master of the culinary art yourself, you just need to research the latest trends.

Take the Brits, for instance. There is an explosive trend happening in Britain, one that entails getting a personal chef in London or any other major city to cater to your every wish and prepare a world-class meal in the comfort of your own home. Now, this is truly a perfect setting for you to present your gift.

End the night in romance

The added benefit of having your dinner at home is that you can proceed to the final, romantic portion of the evening straight away. Instead of jumping straight into bed, you can put the cherry on top of an already perfect day and create a spa right in your very own bathroom.

Scented candles, a warm bath filled with rose petals, and the soothing sounds of jazz, soft blues or soul will create a romantic ambience to complete a wonderful birthday adventure. She will have no choice but to fall in love with you all over again after a day like that.


It’s not always easy to plan the perfect birthday surprise for your girlfriend. However, with a little planning and effort, you will have her melting away in your warm embrace. Be sure to follow this foolproof guide and you will have no problems organising the birthday surprise of your girlfriend’s dreams.


Written by: Peter Minkoff

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