How to Travel the World Like a Pro


There are two endings to any trip: you either come back home enlightened by the different cultures that you encountered, or you come back unchanged, and your life resumes as normal. You want your travels to be full of life-changing experiences. You want to create memories that will shape your life and inspire you to dream, strive to achieve more and find yourself. That is the essence of travel and exploration.

Here is what you need to do in order to make every trip the trip of your lifetime.

Research the destination

No matter where you’re going, and no matter how spontaneous you want to be, travelers spend a lot of time planning and researching the destination. When you spin the globe, like they do in the movies, your finger can land anywhere, from Dubai to Reykjavik, and you need to prepare for the trip in detail. You need to research the culture, their customs and habits, the dos and the don’ts.

What is there to see, what is there to do, how long will you be able to stay and do you plan on being a passive observer or an active participant in a foreign environment? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself, if you want to shape your experience.

Pack accordingly

Vacation packing is no easy task, and if you want to do it like the pros in order to have a smooth trip, you need to follow a few guidelines. First, ditch the unnecessary weight and choose the right luggage. If you’re staying somewhere for ten days, you don’t need ten suits or ten dresses, because you won’t actually change that much.

Secondly, pack outfits, not articles of clothing - that way you will pack less. Also, roll up your clothes for added space and use bags and compartments to make better use of the suitcase.

Look for cheap deals

A seasoned traveler knows how to score the best possible deals at all times. If you want to get the cheapest flights and the best accommodation, you need to start planning your winter travel during summer, and vice versa.

Airlines and hotels give discounts and special offers to those who book their ticket and make reservations well in advance, and you want to be one of those people.

One country at a time

If you’re serious about traveling, you won’t be jumping from place to place. Rather, you will try to inhale and experience everything a country, or even a continent, has to offer. If you’ve been in Saudi Arabia for a few days, and you’ve just now found out where to go in Jeddah, you want to have the freedom to stay and experience this magnificent city, not rush to your next destination.

Therefore, don’t make reservations until you’ve made an action plan, and if you want to come back home enlightened rather than confused, you want to travel one region at a time.

Be a traveler

Whether you’re going on a spring break abroad, or travelling to a snow-covered mountainside, you want to experience the trip for all its worth. There is a distinct difference between a tourist and a traveler. Tourists experience what they are presented with from the comfort of their hotel rooms, while travelers live out the culture that surrounds them.

By following these five pro tips, you will be able to travel the world comfortably and efficiently, and you’ll be able to create memories that you will cherish forever!


Written by: Peter Minkoff

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