Where to spend 2017 New Year in Dubai


As New Year is just round the corner, you need not look further. Dubai is one of the most breathtaking places in the world to be at that time of the year. With its magnificent and amazing parties, accommodating over thousand and millions of people at once, one wouldn’t simply want to miss such a sight. Being known as one of the most famous and popular places to be, Dubai has always managed to attract thousand and millions of tourists every year. The appealing and exquisite fireworks, Dubai has broken the world record for the longest and largest fireworks display in the world. So, be ready as Dubai takes you through an amazing start of the year with the best places to celebrate this New Years Eve. Following are the 6 best places to visit this New Years Eve in Dubai and make the best of your trip with your family, friends and loved ones.

Burj khalifa

The tallest building in Dubai, with around 828 meters long and 160 stories high stands the Burj Khalifa. Over thousands of people book rooms, to experience the never ending fireworks. So, grab your popcorns and be all set as the dazzling fireworks fill the sky and showers love all around you.

Atlantis, the Palm

The most luxuries and grand hotels to ever exist is Atlantis. Located on the Palm, kick starts the sound of the music of 26 piece live band. Leading you to the delicious and mouthwatering buffet one can ever ask for. From the panoramic view of the Dubai skyline till the firework display takes off, you cannot take your eyes off it.

Jumeirah beach

Providing the best packages for the guests on New Year’s Eve, Jumeirah beach has a splendid walk. With the slow cool breeze, it’s the best way to celebrate your eve with your friends and family as you view the extraordinary art work done throughout. One of the memorable memories ever made. Take a stroll through as you experience the mesmerizing sight.

Desert Safari

The desert safari is a must visit. Head out with a group of friends and family. As they take you in the middle of the desert to experience the Arabian night, along with the live fusion music, slow dancing, international buffet and live bar b q.


Dubai mall

The largest shopping mall in Dubai and worldwide. Cabana at Dubai mall provides the best views of the Burj Khalifa’s fireworks. With exclusive packages, you would not want to miss the white night party with BBQ and music. Offering special packages in which they would provide a private butler at your service from 8pm onwards. Be ready to experience tremendous services throughout your stay with the magnificent and overwhelming view.

Burj Al- Arab

Burj al Arab the most expensive hotel in the world. Also widely known as the lone seven star hotel in the world. Located on an artificial island, which is just 280 m away from Jumeirah beach. The exclusive packages which include the New Year ’s Eve cocktail party, gala dinner, live entertainment, fireworks show, gift and much more. Make sure to get the royal treatment at Burj Al Arab during your stay.

So, make sure you are ready to have a memorable trip filled with fun, adventure and an amazing start to your New Year.

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