Birthday Gift Ideas For Gentlemen

Finding the right gift for a certain man can sometimes be very difficult, because men tend to be more practical about their gifts, and you’ll probably end up looking for something they really need, instead of something that’s simply just nice. But what if a man you’re shopping for indeed has an eye for nice things, and values quality and aesthetics? That should make it easier then. Besides, what if he supersedes you with his knowledge of all the good stuff? If you’re not sure about what gift will satisfy high standards of a man who knows his game, one of these might do the trick.


You probably think that tie is the most generic gift you could give to someone. It’s the kind of gift you would give to your boss, whom you don’t really know or don’t care about that much. But there are ties and then, there are ties. Ties don’t have to be boring - find different designs, patterns, fabrics, but keep it tasteful. HEX ties are the new thing, and they can look very smart combined with formal or casual clothes. Go with a bright, one color piece.


The watch is not the only thing that a man can wear on his wrist. In fact, bracelets are getting very popular, especially the ropey ones, with a little anchor chain on them. Black Rhinestone Bracelets on the other hand, can look pretty sharp and elegant.


Cuffs usually come in pair with ties and squares, but they can be considered as jewellery, or at least fancy accessories, since they are reserved for nicer occasions, as a part of formal outfit. Cuffs can be a great way for him to express his personality, since they are subtle and fine, but noticeable details. Themed cuff links with superhero motives like Iron Man Cufflinks will make any nerdy gentleman happy.

Pocket Squares

There’s something about pocket squares that makes you want to think about old times, when men wore suits and hats on a daily basis. Fantasy or not, at least pocket squares made their comeback. They are reserved for special occasions, and every gentleman should own a few. If you’re considering getting him a matching tie and a square, don’t pick the exact same colour or pattern. Choose a blue Polka Dot Pocket Square and match the tie to dots or the background only.

Grooming Essentials

If your gentlemen is a manly man, he probably has a beard. Beards are no longer considered unprofessional in the business world, and many men are proudly rocking them. Gentleman’s beard is however, most likely, properly groomed and polished. Get him a nice little set with Organic Lavender Beard Oil, Moustache Comb and a Beard Comb, and his beard will not only look good, but it will smell amazing.


A three-piece suit might be a second skin for a working gentleman, but when he hits the gym it’s all about comfortable, high quality workout apparel. If you know he’s passionate about sports, you don’t really need to know his exact measurements to buy him sports clothes. You can also go with sports accessories, like a nice sports bag or a backpack. Find one that’s modern and maybe a little edgy, but make sure it’s odor free, waterproof and durable. Yes, a gentleman’s gym bag is all of that.

Tech Gadgets

If he’s tech savvy, he probably already owns an arsenal of every technology available to a modern man. Therefore, designer Bluetooth speakers, iPad leather cases or iPhone Carbon Fiber Cases are the perfect, fashionable choices for a man who loves his technology.


Clothes as a gift work only when you know the person you are buying them for well, and know their measurements. If you’re not bold enough to take this step, a safe option are always the socks. Colorful, fun socks. Boring, monochromatic, grey socks are for men who take themselves too seriously. A true gentleman knows how to have fun, and he has Polka Dot Socks to prove it.


Written by: Peter Minkoff

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