SignalVault – Security System in Your Pocket

July 30, 2016

SignalVault – Security System in Your Pocket

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As the world becomes more advanced, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect our information and hard earned money from hackers. Every new day brings new safety challenges with it along with many different news of people becoming victims of credit card fraud. In this age of deception, it becomes increasingly important to protect ourselves from threats, which come up with the dawn of every new day.


The new Credit and Debit Cards are often more vulnerable to frauds and identity theft because there are modern devices which can read our RFID enabled credit card data without even getting in touch with them. The technology which was meant to relieve us of the discomfort we feel when our credit cards left our sights has become a target of wireless hacking. It is particularly scary when we’re out in some other country and realizes that the money in our debit card has been stolen and we’re left stranded without anything in our hands. However, there is still some hope and ways of protecting our debit and credit cards from hacking. One such savior who comes to the rescue in these circumstances is Signal Vault.

This new crime of stealing your credit card information without even touching it is called “crowd hacking” and with each passing day, it is becoming more and more common. To protect this type of theft, the SignalVault uses technology which counters the hacking devices by blocking their access to the credit and debit cards in your wallets and it doesn’t require any batteries or a power source to work so there is no reason for being scared of the eventuality that it may fail when you really need the protection.

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SignalVault is a product that has been built by experts in the field of science and technology; they’ve used their wide knowledge and experience in these fields to build this product. SignalVault functions by the creation of white noise in its vicinity when it detects a scanning device. This white noise masks your personal data stored in the credit or debit card and also acts as a signal blocker essentially giving two-fold protection to your cards. To maximize your protection, though, the creators recommends placing two SignalVault cards at both ends of your wallet in such a way that your credit cards are sandwiched between the two cards.

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