The Real Qualities Every Man Should Have

January 10, 2017

The Real Qualities Every Man Should Have


What does it mean to be a real man? What are the qualities that define one? The answer to this question is not that simple as some people might seem. What makes a real man is changing constantly. A thousand years ago, real men knew how to hunt, but today this skill has almost died out, two hundred years ago, real men were riding horses into the battle, today only a selected few know how to ride and today we have a completely different set of qualities that define real men.

When we approached this topic, we were looking for qualities that were present in all periods throughout the history and some that are specific for our age. With that in mind, we came up with this list of five attributes that every man should have.

Know how to dress

First of all, every man should know how to dress. This doesn’t mean only ties and suits, you should know what to wear for different occasions. For example, if you are going to some formal event, then the suit is necessary, but if you are attending a birthday party that might be a bit over the top. Also, learn how to match colors and styles. You should wear bracelets when wearing a casual outfit and don’t wear colors that don’t match, like blue and black.

Take care of your body


Second thing on our list is taking care of your body, this includes working out and grooming. Nobody wants a sloppy man that doesn’t care about his body. We’re not saying that you should be jacked like one of those professional models, but keeping your body in shape should be your priority. Additionally, grooming is very important for today’s men. This wasn’t the case a couple of years ago, but now, men take proper care of their skin, hair and beard. Getting a few grooming essentials would be a great idea, so you can be nicely shaved and clean all the time.

Dress like a gentleman

If you want to be part of women’s fantasies, then you will have to be a gentleman. Women don’t want a cheap man that doesn’t know how to behave, they want a guy that has posture, gestures, and attributes of a real gentleman. And if you want dress like a real gentleman, you should avoid childish outfits and learn to dress like a true man. Every gentleman know his favorite suit shop, so this should be a place to visit on your next check list.

Be confident


Another attribute that a real man should have is confidence. We’re not talking about being cocky and arrogant, but about true self-confidence. Every man should have a good self-image and know exactly what he wants. There’s nothing more offsetting than seeing a man having trouble with expressing his intentions and feelings. If you like a girl, approach her with absolute confidence and show her that you deserve her attention.

Have a sense of humor

Lastly, having a sense of humor is an absolutely necessary attribute for a man. Breaking the ice with a couple of funny remarks or saving the situation with a joke is a skill that every man needs. Not all situations require you to be funny, but when they do, if you know how to make her laugh you will stand out from the other men.

And that’s all. As you can see these are all pretty timeless attributes and qualities that we have chosen. Of course, some of them like grooming are more seen on a modern man, but things, like being a gentleman, knowing how to dress, being confident and having a sense of humor, will never go out of fashion.



Written by: Peter Minkoff

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