Create the Ultimate Man Cave

October 26, 2018

Create the Ultimate Man Cave

It seems that women took control of decorating apartments, as most of the interior designers are women who tend to make our apartments cozy, comfortable and light. However, what about creating the perfect man cave just for you? You won’t do this by adding tons of cushions and lavender-colored walls (unless this is something that you actually want, of course). Each home should be specifically designed for the individual, as the home tells a lot more about us than anything else. So, how can you create a man cave that screams your name and is extremely comfortable? After all, this should be the place where you would want to spend all of your days without even going out!


1. Make it fun

Guys are fun. Guys are into video games until they’re in their 50s. Guys are into comic books, superheroes and fantasy football. This is how fun we are, and our man cave should be the same, as well. So, in order to make your man cave quite fun, you can opt to incorporate some fun games and activities, such as a pool table, video consoles or anything else that you might find appealing, interesting and fun. If you love the spa, for example, you can also choose to create a nice spa in your home. However, if you choose to do this, make sure there is balance, as you don’t want your game or table football to take control of the whole room. Moreover, you can always go with a certain theme for your apartment or house – you could choose any style you want or decorate it with the things you love. Speaking of that…


2. Show who you are

Putting a little bit of yourself in your apartment is always the most important thing. After all, this home should represent you, not only the style that you love. This is why going with a specific theme for your man cave is a must. If you’re a sports fan, then try to incorporate as many sports items as you can, but make sure to arrange them nicely so that they match with the interior. If you, for example, love metal music, or have loved it since your early teenage days, opting for heavy metal band posters is a magnificent idea. Since you’re older though, you don’t have to tape them to the wall – get them framed in nice frames and hang them around the room. Having one wall in your man cave that will represent you is a wonderful idea and will make the whole interior quite warmer, and most importantly, more you.


3. The power of materials

While choosing the furniture for your man cave, you need to be very cautious. Even though there is not really such a thing as feminine furniture or feminine colors, if you want a real man cave, you should opt for slightly darker colors, such as beige, brown or even black. This is why the materials for your apartment should be either wood, leather or metal. Also, if you want to combine all three of these, go ahead, as the interior will definitely look amazing. However, if you choose to have darker furniture, tables and cupboards, make sure that you use a light color for your walls – white is probably the best option as it will give your man cave that brightness that makes every apartment beautiful.


4. Everything is in the details

It doesn’t matter if you want to go with a minimalistic approach or the contrary, having certain details is always important. This can come in the form of posters and pictures that you will be hanging around, or in nice vases and lamps that are quite interesting, unique and yet still awesome. If you’re a beer person, for example, you can have one part of your cupboard dedicated to different beer bottles for all around the world – it’s very manly, and it looks very nice. Make sure that you want all the details to be something that represents you, and sometimes overdoing it with details can also look quite nice.


Even though guys are not usually that much into interior design, we all love to live somewhere where we’re comfortable and cozy, and this is why investing in your man cave is very important. Think outside the box, awaken that artistic side of you and create the most beautiful man cave where you and your friends will spend time drinking beer, watching games and playing different games!



Written by: Peter Minkoff

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