Cool Mist Humidifier

  • The Mini Air Humidifier increases the wet in the air by Atomizing Disc. Purify air around you
  • Good for dry sinuses, eyes, nose, throat and skin care, multi use for house, home, office, bedroom, baby room, travel, etc
  • Fine mist to remove static electricity and reduce the computer screen radiation, reduce air micro layer and smog pollution, especially for air-conditioned room and play room
  • Soft nightlight feature warm color. The whole night soft lighting make sleeping easier
  • Create a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Powered via USB port on your computer

•Functions: Humidification and Air purification.
•Can be used as ultrasonic humidifier or cute night light.
•Small size and portable design, very easy to use, USB interface.
•Removable tank and easy refilling.
•Remove unfavorable odors & food smells.
•Increase humidity of air, reducing dust and bacteria.
•Long-acting air humidification, quiet with no noise, spray water mist quickly.
•Low power consumption. Environmentally-friendly and fashionable air humidifier.
•Subtle mist can remove static electricity and reduce the computer screen radiation, to care of the skin and eyes to make you healthy and ease.

Operation instructions:
Plug in: Click the button to open the spray; click again to close the spray (cycle as this)
Long press the button to open the night light; long press the button again to close nightlights (cycle as this)

Anti-dry: After four hours of normal use automatic power-off, you can continue to use the restart.

Package Included:

  • Lemon humidifier X 1
  • Absorbent cotton swabs X 2
  • USB Cable X 1

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