Smart Soap Dispenser

  • Touch free – Automatic Soap Dispenser adopts Innovative Infrared sensor technology to automatically detect your hand faster and instant dispense the right amount of soap. No touch, no fingerprint, the right dispenser to cut down on spreading germs.
  • Modern and Aesthetic Design-The transparent body can show how much soap remains. The color of soap can make your room more beautiful. CHIME Optional- the switch can be adjusted to music sound (CHIME) or no music (ON), music will come with each soap dispensing.
  • No Spillages- Sanitary Touchless soap dispenser keeps dispensing about 4ml liquid soap each activation and stop dispensing automatically after 4 seconds. You can control how much it dispenses by removing your hand after you've had enough. No spillage, No messy, economical and convenient.
  • Waterproof Cover- prevent water flowing into the battery compartment. 340ML High capacity soap dispenser with ABS plastic+shiny chrome, is indispensable for your kitchen and bathroom if you want more hygienic and convenient way to dispense soap for hand washing.
  • Quality Assurance: FCC, CE and RoHS certificated.

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