Beard BiB - White - BOX knocks
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Beard BiB - White - BOX knocks
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Beard BiB - White - BOX knocks
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Beard BiB - White

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The Best Gift For A Man

This is the perfect gift for the perfect MAN, with the beard bib, there is no need to clean up the mess after grooming your facial hair, proudly produced by BEARD KING! We collaborated with them to bring this awesome invention, all you need to do is just to strap behind your neck, and stick the end to the mirror in front of you and you are good to go.

  • Catches Facial Hair Clippings
  • Beard Trimmings Catcher
  • Ease Flap Shoot Disposal
  • Loop Holders for Pausing Sessions
  • Self Packing Pouch
  • One size fits All
  • Cool tip: Show off your purchased styles on Social Media with #BOXknocks hashtag, and get featured on our pages.