Clean Car™ - The Ultimate Car Washing Tool

Get a cleaner car in half the time for a fraction of the price!

Throw away the old hose nozzle, sell the over priced pressure washer. The ultimate car washing experience is here! 

This tool easily attaches to your hose and dishes out 10x the power of a traditional nozzle. It gives the experience of a pressure washer with just a fraction of the size, weight and price!

Experience A True Clean - Those drive through car washes and standard hose nozzles don't get the job done. Experience a true clean with the power of the ultimate car washing tool!

Save Time & Energy - Get the job done quick without sparing quality. The Clean Car™ digs deep and is guaranteed to remove more filth than your standard hose in half the time! 

Save Money - Don't pay for an expensive pressure washer or to get a fancy car wash every month. The Clean Car™ makes washing your car super easy and affordable!