Pedicure Manicure Foot Care Set (8pcs)


The rough & dead skin or foot corns make your feet ugly and pain. No worries!!! Professional pedicure tools help you to get your feet look great and feel silky smooth and soft without any hassle!

These are perfect foot care products for foot corn treatment, foot callus removing and leaving you with beautiful feet !

Package Contains
1 x Callus Shaver (Perfect callus removal for removing feet callus, corns on toes or foot)
1 x Cuticle Remover (Professional hangnail clipper with fork tip great for removing hangnails and dead skin) 1 x Stainless steel coarse file for a first removing of the hard skin.
1 x Stainless steel fine file for a deeper removing of the dead skin.
1 x Sandpaper file for a gentle and soft foot smooth after callus skin removing.
1 x Nail file for nail polish or regular nail care.
3 x Blades in the small white box 
1 x silicone sheet for protecting your fingers when change new blades.

1. Soak your feet in warm water take a foot bath before removing foot callus makes better foot care.
2. The blades are very sharp, please gently use and be very careful when change new one.

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