Snow Shield™ - Say Goodbye to Your Old Ice Scraper!

Get your day started the right way by saving time, energy and stress every morning!

Work smarter not harder! Stop lugging yourself outside every morning in the freezing cold to scrape ice off your windshield. There's a better solution!

The Snow Shield™ is a specially designed easy-to-use tarp that spreads over your windshield. It makes cleaning all that rock hard ice off your window a breeze!

Just pull the tarp off from the easy-access handles and BAM! You have a perfectly clean, ice free windshield with no effort!

Save Time & Effort - No one wants to start their day off scraping ice off of their windshield. Save the time and energy and get your day started the right way.

Protect Your Windshield - Constantly scraping Ice off of your windshield is very bad for your windows. It damages a long lasting protective coating that manufacturers put on your car and it can lead to bigger issues later on! 

Multi-Purpose - It's not just a winter time tool. It's perfect for preventing heat build up, eliminating dirt and dust build up when your car is sitting or prevent disaster from those pesky animals that think your car is their restroom! 

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